First Summer Without You

Just a little something I wrote while I was back home during the summer solstice. I always had my grandma and grandpa around during that time.  Since their passing, this was the first summer without them and it was hard for me.  I always had this intention of looking for them while I was home.  I made a poem for how I was feeling during that big day.


The Day

Today is the day, the day I’ve been waiting for.
I look around for you but you are no more.
Every day I always ask and wonder why.
My face carries a smile but inside I cry.

The whole day is filled with my loving Family.
Friends and people I haven’t seen come randomly.
Laughter and hugs are shared with each other.
Memories come and we make fun of one another.

As the cooking starts, you are on my mind.
All the memories I can’t just leave behind.
I’m missing your words and telling me what to do.
You were always the one I looked up to.

As I walk outside I look up and see a big bright cloud.
With everything I’m doing, I hope I make you proud.
You were always there and told me to do my best.
Your words of wisdom and knowledge makes me blessed.

As the evening approaches we sit and wait.
The sun sets and it’s starting to get late.
Not before long, I see little smoke to the west.
People are standing in a line looking their best.

Patiently waiting, I start seeing the men in white.
Following right along I see the dancers come into full sight.
Dancers approach me and I can’t help but shed a tear.
I take a deep breath and realize you are here.

The dancing starts and there is a big crowd.
The beautiful songs are sung out loud.
People watch from high rooftops.
Everything so stunning I don’t want it to stop.

Beautiful dancing continues throughout the night.
Watching and listening to every beat brings me delight.
The dancing stops and I realize we are halfway done.
Proud of the things we all do for our loved one.

Ladies start standing in a line and then I realize I am first.
As I hold this stew above my head, I pray I don’t go headfirst.
We walk pass the church and I see eyes staring.
But all I can think about is to keep myself from falling.

The day goes on and dancing continues throughout the day.
I wish this could last forever and never go away.
I get a lump in my throat as I see the last dancer walk in.
I look back and realize what a great day this has been.

Today was the day, the day I’ve waited for.
I didn’t see you but I felt you and more.
I’ll always look for that beautiful cloud in the sky.
It lets me know you are watching us nearby.

M. L. S.

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