Letter to 16 year old self

Dear 16 year old Marchelle,

Hello Marsh! Mellow! Lynne! Pumpkin! Whichever name you go by. It is me… I mean you… or us!!!

This is your future self.  This is Marchelle from the future.  Things are tough for you right now but trust me they’ll get a whole lot better.  Mom and dad may be getting on your nerves about doing better in school but trust me it is for your own good.  If you think life is hard, wait till you graduate and move out and start paying your bills.  Then you’ll be wishing you were back in school again.  Enjoy being young but also please stay out of trouble.  Mom and Dad don’t need to be stressed any more.  Please spend as much time as you can with your little brother.  Take care of him so that mom and dad can get some rest.  Please be there for your parents and also your sisters.  You’ll lose people you love but it is all part of life.  Just know that family is always there for each other and for you!  I will be hard to get through but you will make it. 

As far as school, don’t worry you will graduate on time.  But you’ll have to do some make up classes and work extra hard your senior year!  You’ll have the best Graduation and be with your best friends!  Don’t forget those friends cause they will always be your there for you.  You may not talk to them for a week, or month, or even a year but next time you see them you’ll pick up where you guys left off.  The friends you had crushes on will become one of your greatest best friends.  Some will even help you with problems you’ll have in the future and you’ll be able to help them.

Stop trying to find your prince who will sweep you away on a horse to an enchanted castle. Those only happen in movies.  You’re still young and need to live life and enjoy yourself and spend as much time as you can with family.  But don’t worry you’ll find love and get married to a handsome, charming man!  He will be sweet and caring and sometimes you’ll think to yourself if this is a dream but it will be real.  Both of you will have great adventures together.  Of course you’ll go through some heartbreaks to get to your prince charming but you get over them and move on.

Remember that thing you always dreamed of doing but you thought it wouldn’t happen? Well it will eventually happen.  You will get the opportunity to leave the reservation!  At first it may be scary because it will be the first time you leave home but you’ll love it. You will be taking a road trip and passing through a couple states into Georgia. Yes Marsh, you’ll be leaving in another state thousand miles away from home for a couple of years.  Don’t worry you’ll be ok and be able to visit family.

As far as history goes, you’ll have your first black president in a few years!  And your favorite bands will still be together and doing world tours.  N’Sync will eventually break up but Justin will become a solo artist!  You’ll love him much more and enjoy his movies.  Oh and that whole 2012 thing won’t happen at all so don’t say nothing about it and make yourself look like an idiot. 

My advice to you is never give up and always do your best!  You’ll eventually get out of this phase and grow into a great lady.  Don’t fuss over people who bring you down, they just want what you have. Most importantly don’t worry what other think of you.  Don’t Be Afraid to Be Yourself! 

Love your future self, Marchelle

P.S. There is still no jet backs, lazer guns, and flying cars.

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