A Big Thank You To Coby

Everybody has that one vehicle they remember or their first car they ever brought.  It might have been used or new but it got you through a lot and drove many miles for you. Today I would like to say thank you to Coby, my first car!  It may sound silly but I think it’s a great idea to say Thank You to things that get us through our everyday lives.  So this is a brief thank you letter to my car.

My dad and I had purchased the car as a late graduation gift and because my dad thought I was ready for “responsibilities”.  I had a great job so my dad knew I would be able to afford it.  When I first got the car, it was an odd color.  So I asked my dad “Why this color?” and he simply said “So I can know it’s you and not wave at the wrong person”.  Which I thought was funny but from then on I was happy to have my very first car and finally some independence.  My car is my baby and just like a newborn child I gave him a name.  My car was named Coby and Coby has been with me through thick and thin. He has been with me through my first love and my first heart break.  When I first got the car, the first Transformer movie was out so I always would imagine the car was an autobot. Plus it was a Chevy car and Bumblebee (like in the movie) was a Chevy as well so I use to pretend it could transform, shoot, and talk to me.  I had a crazy imagination. 

Coby was there with me to experience my “First Times”.  He was there when I had my first boyfriend.  He was there when I first heard “I love you” from a person who wasn’t a family member. He was there through our first arguments and when I was first stood up.  He was even there with me when I needed some alone time after a bad breakup.  Coby was a great listener when I was having a tough time in life. When friends stopped talking to me, I knew Coby would always be there for me.  He took me to and from big cities and was patient with me when I learned to drive in the busy city streets.  I made sure to be extra careful with him and not to put a scratch on him.  Coby took me to my very first rock concert and brought me back home safe that same night.  Coby took me places that I never thought I would go.  He has been with me to Las Vegas, Nevada, all over New Mexico, and even Colorado.  His biggest challenge was when he drove me and my new husband across the United States.  We drove through about 6 states and he made it to the southeast where he has been for about 3 years. 

It has been almost 10 years since I first got Coby and he has many miles on him now but he is still going.  Coby gets my husband to work every other day when he carpools and Coby gets me to school and work in one piece.  He has been to the shop many times but it’s only because I want him to keep being there for us.  I want him to keep going and still be there for us when we need him.  I will continue to provide maintenance if he needs it.  THANK YOU COBY for being there by my side throughout these years!  You’ll always be my first car!

M. L. S.

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