this is my first blog post ever! This blog page is about randomness!! I love food, travelling, my pets, family of course, and my charming husband. I am thousand miles away from the only family I know and I am currently in school. But I am almost done! YAY! My husband and I are together fulfilling our dreams and accomplishing our goals!  We love being adventurous and spontaneous when funds allow us.  We currently have a 8 month old black Labrador. We had a 2 year old cat but he ran out of the house and we are still looking for him.  That was two weeks ago.  We recently had an ice storm go through our area and I’ve been praying that he is somewhere safe and warm. That
was a quick intro for a first blog post but stayed tuned till the next blog post up which will have more to it!! 
Please bear with me that this is the first time ever doing a blog amay have a few errors.   

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